Captain Johnson Breaks Promise, Uses Tear Gas And Military Vehicles Against Ferguson Protesters

August 17th, 2014

Captain Johnson broke a direct promise he made on Saturday when officers and SWAT under his control broke up the night’s demonstration using military-like vehicles and tear gas while enforcing a midnight curfew.

Johnson insisted at a press conference earlier in the day that those methods would not be used.

We won’t enforce it with trucks, we won’t enforce it with tear gas. We’ll communicate. We’ll talk about, you know what, it’s time to go home,” Johnson told a boisterous crowd.

But shortly after midnight, when the curfew went into effect, riot police equipped with rifles, shields and five armored vehicles, shot tear gas and smoke grenades to disperse defying protesters chanting “No Justice, No Curfew”.

It was initially unclear whether tear gas or smoke was volleyed. Police spokesmen on the ground told reporters there that the anti-riot agent they were using was merely smoke.

But several reporters tweeted pictures of the canisters they picked off the ground which showed that riot CS smoke was being used.


not to mention live rounds. 

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Tom Clancy’s The Division: new teaser trailer, screens & artwork

New Tom Clancy’s: The Division screenshots and a teaser video have surfaced out of Gamescom 2014.

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"Fuck off Shaun I am taking a picture."


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After the squad finished smoking

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nevver: One is the loneliest number, Steve Curry

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